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I bought a Devonwood mattress, med price for myself, 82 yr old woman. It began to sink and by Feb of 2016 less than one year it has a hole in the middle. I called Sears, told I had to take it all apart. take pictures of the frame, bed box spring and mattress separately. Me 82 told to do this. Had to get my granddaughter to come from an hr away to do this. Then told to send pics to an email address, did this, they came back, called sears, told to do a different email came back again, called the store again and basically was told Oh Well!! I... Read more

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We purchased this mattress less than 4 yrs ago. When looking for the right mattress we told the salesman that we were looking for one that wasn't going to sag after sleeping on it for a while. He assured us this mattress wouldn't do that and that it had a 10 yr warranty. So we spent almost 1500 on the set. Well, let me tell you how bad this thing is! It sags so bad that I had to turn it end to top and hopefully we can get a few more months out of it before we have to buy a new mattress. I can assure you it WILL NOT be a Simmons product! Read more

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I bought a Simmons pillow top firm Cabana mattress set from Sears..6 months in it started to sag..called Sears and was given a number to call the " mattress complain dept" ! After a lenghty conversation..I was told all the picture takng,original reciept ,which I might add I wasnt about to do that. They make it sooo hard with the red tape! I have a 10year garantee on the mattress ,what good that does me! I have an extremely bad back and had hoped I would be able to sleep such luck . Also my daghter had bought the sane... Read more

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I have only had this Simmons Beautyrest Recharge mattress for about 2 years. The mattress immediately began sagging after about 2 months. I called the company and complained about the sagging and was told that this was normal. A couple of months after that, i measured the sagging and it was over 1-1/4". I again called the company and complained. We are a bit heavy (400 combined weight), but I you'd think a bed would be able to accommodate 400 lbs. The company said that the warranty was void because we did use the Beautyrest Recharge... Read more

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I have purchased several different mattress sets over the years and was pleased with all of them except the Simmons. It has been a nightmare. Sleeps terrible. We wish that we had never bought it. Add comment

After owning a SIMMONS "Beautyrest World Class Recharge Shakespeare Luxury Plush Pillowtop Mattress" for about two years, and paying over $2000, the mattress was sagging. So I called SIMMONS, and they send you a "sleep set inspection kit" where you have run a string across the dips in the mattress and take photos from different angles. After doing all this they agreed to replace the the mattress. When there team arrived they said that they couldn't take the mattress because of a small stain!! I called SIMMONS , and was told that the stain... Read more

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WARRANTY What a JOKE ! LEAK-FREE HA HA I spent two months in a shelter where I learned first hand what my mom meant about not let the BED BUGS ***. So now in my own place I REFUSE to buy a anything that they could live in. So for a year no sofa's or recliner or a box springs and mattress. I Don't have any buds but fear still fresh so are scars. So for Christmas my kids all got me a Beautyrest Sky Rise (pillowtop). I was so excited to get off floor. Went home vacuumed and laid down mat to keep it safe. Aired up and went to mall to get... Read more

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the mattress a bought at mattress firm piece of junk. they replaced one all ready same thing happened with this one. I was told that mattress firm took mattresses that they tossed out and made them new a again. I have a beautyrest greenwood firm paid 700.00 of it. I got this info from are local new paper the post crescent which is now owned by usa today. I always thought beautyrest was a good name that they would stand behind their product, or your company would deal with good company.i'm sorry to say i'm very upset that I shelled out my... Read more

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Bought a simmons sectional sofa from big lots about 2 years ago. This sofa is used in living room by 2 adults over 50 years of age , no children and the heaviest adult only weighs 170 lbs. The sofa is now falling apart. The fabric is now falling apart. The top brown vinyl like part is coming off in pieces and getting allover the floor. This sofa now looks like a piece of junk and we now have to buy a new sofa - this sofa cost 699 at big lots new. We talked to simmons but were told they would not d o anything - warranty only 1 year - DO NOT... Read more

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I purchased my set 2 years ago and it is now coming apart at the seems. Simmons says that they will not replace and so I'm taking them to small claims court. I paid over $800 for the set and thought since I bought one over ten years ago I would be satisfied once again, but was sadly mistaken. They gave me a excuse that it is messed up because of the wrong base. But it is the same base from my other set, and it is still in good shape, my old set. They should be ashamed of themselves and the man they sent out to inspect my mattress said... Read more

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