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My husband and I purchased a black beauty rest, Brook Lynn.We paid around $2500+/-.

We might as well have drove down the highway throwing the money out of the window or handed it to strangers on the corner. A least that way it would have made someone's day. Instead its been a miserable 6-7 months. Tried to file a claim after a lump popped up.

The representative was apparently blind, stating that I had never filled out my paperwork. Strange when I opened my sent email and the CC copy sent to my husband, it was all there. Only to be told that the rather large obvious lump was not visible to claims associate. This person also told us that lumps are not considered an issue because when you apply pressure they can be pushed down.

Only sagging more than an inch and a half would warrant a rep to be sent out. And considering we would have to pay $50 for someone to come look at it, what does it matter? So nobody will allow us to use this so called 25yr warranty. We have only had this thing for half a year.

This is just disgusting.I wish we would have just went to Costco.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #765261

I've :( had this *** Simmons mattress for about months (beauty energy). Worst mattress ever. I WILL NEVER BUY ANY OF THEIR *** EVER AGAIN.

Naples, Florida, United States #744124

We purchased A Beautyrest Black Tara mattress for around $3,000.00. It arrived and the chemical smell was so strong we couldn't be in the room. It made our eyes water and we both got a headache from the smell. We let it air out for ten days and then had to have it replaced.

A second Beautyrest Black Tara mattress arrived. The smell was just as bad as the first. It smells like chemicals or glue. You can't be in the room with it. Was the foam made in China? This one also had terrible stitching on the side and the edging had already pulled apart. Also, it was hard as a rock and the Tara is supposed to be extra plush.

This is the third Beautyrest we have purchased over the years and up to now we have loved them all. Run away from this mattress as fast as you can!!

Once is an oddity, twice for $3,000 is a crime.

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