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On 1/17 I contacted simmons related to our 3 year old beautyrest mattress sagging. Simmons opened an inspection case 477494B/fa. The mattress inspector came to check the mattress. His inspection consisted of running a weighted piece of sting across the mattress and placing a level bottomed ruler in the middle of the mattress so that the actual indentation would be measurable. He then pressed down on the mattress and while the mattress was resetting to its normal position he proceeded to talk to me about the inspection process, then took a picture and said that it was 1 3/8in depressed and simmons usually requires 1.5in depression to replace the mattress. The mattress depression is WAY more than 1 3/8in, his tactic of talking to me while waiting for the mattress topper to rise was well planned out. The sag in the mattress is more than noticeable to the naked eye. Chatting to me while waiting for the mattress to rise ensured that the inspector got the type of numbers that he wanted. This inspection was absolutely flawed and in no way did it measure the type of depression that the mattress is actually experiencing. In addition to this, I have sent 4 unanswered emails to the customer assistance email address that I was first corresponding with. My emails were asking for the contact information for a supervisor or a manager at the warranty department. All 4 emails went unanswered. This type of customer service and warranty service is an absolute disgrace. I am willing to go to great lengths to ensure that many people hear this story and see the actual mattress. I will take the mattress apart if I do not receive a fair warranty settlement, I will display videos of the disassembled mattress online to warn potential customers what to expect with a 2 year old mattress from simmons. I will instruct potential customers how to identify simmons mattresses (even if branded by a different name) and I will definitely do everything within my powers to make sure that simmons bottom line (their profits) are negatively impacted. I have filed 2 complaints with the BBB, this is the beginning of my online campaign to bring awareness to mattress shoppers to avoid simmons products at all costs. All you have to do is read the hundreds or thousands of reviews online to see the same pattern. I wish I had read them 3 years ago before I bought this mattress.

Today (2/2/11) I called simmons customer service at 877-399-9397. The customer service rep that I spoke to would not put me in touch with a supervisor nor would she give me any contact information for a supervisor. She informed me that my warranty claim had been denied and that I could re-file again in 90 days but that would be "useless because that new claim would also be denied" Such despicable customer service from this despicable company. It's no surprise that this company had to file for bankruptcy protection, other than Comcast this is the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with.

Monetary Loss: $1926.

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I bought a Simmons Beautyrest March 2011, and my back aches half way through the night. We are dealing with Slumberland with the warranty inspection, and I am glad that I found this site.


LOL don't you just love those fake-*** 'inspectors'?

What a joke.

The so-called inspector from "The Bedroom Shop" in Fort Worth did the same thing for our sucky mattress too - only we had to wait 3 MONTHS for him to show up at our place. It's not like we live that far away from the store.

All THREE mattresses we got from that store SUCKED.

We took our business elsewhere...

to Alzbeta Madragana Springfield, Ohio, United States #788221

Yeh, we just got our claim declined on depressions in our 4 month old Simmons beauty rest. I guess we're just screwed.



we are having a similiar problem, only they are saying they wont replace bc there was a STAIN on the mattress. It was a spot from water getting on it, and it is GONE now!

Right on their website they instruct how to get rid of spots in order NOT to break warranty... now after making a huge fuss they have offered to replace as a one time courtesy but they will NOT warranty it!

isnt that garbage, i KNOW the next mattress will also break down as this is already our 2nd, and i too have read SEVERAL consumer reports reporting the same problems! my biggest comment is maybe they need to look into WHY their mattresses are not holding up for not only the 10 yrs warranteed, but even the first 3 yrs of having a product!!

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