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Update by user May 14, 2012

Here is an update to my review on the worst mattress possible...Right now Simmons is not willing to work with us. The company that we bought it from is exchanging the mattress (to another Simmons) we have agreed to work with the store with the understanding that if this new mattress moves even a centimeter or we simply do not like it the store that we purchased it from will provide a full refund.

on a side note the salesman who we have worked with, went back to the Simmons rep and let him know how rediculous this is and said to him \" if I told everyone to expect their mattress to sink 1 1/4\" within a week, do you think I would have a job?\" the Simmons rep did not respond. I am happy with the way the mattress store is going to bat for us, but as far as Simmons, quit making JUNK!!!!!

Original review posted by user Apr 13, 2012

I recently purchased a Simmons Beautyrest mattress. After four days of having the bed, there was a bubble in the middle.

I contacted the store where I purchased the mattress and they promptly did an exchange for a new Alexandria mattress. According to the delivery men, the second mattress felt much sturdier than the first. This mattress only took seven days to bubble in the middle, sag where my husband and I sleep, and the head of the bed and sides are now leaning out like a frying pan. We contact the place of purchase and they had a Simmons representative meet us.

He explained that all mattresses should sink 1 1/2 inches over the lifetime of the mattress. Today that representative came to my house. The mattress has sunk 1 1/4 of an inch, and all he could say was "this is within Simmons guidelines." I am expected to keep this mattress a $2399.00 (on sale) one at, and expect that it will only move 1/4" more in the expected lifetime of a mattress. (8-10 years).

The mattress does not have any back support. The alexandria is the firmest one that they have and has very little foam above the coils in order to reach maximum firmness. I am told that the dent is from the memory foam (after 7 days). I only expect to get 3 years out of a mattress since the coming of the one sided mattresses, but less than a month and the mattress is junk.

My advice to everyone, DO NOT BUY A SIMMONS IF SIMMONS IS OK WITH THE QUALITY SINKING 1 1/4" AFTER 1 WEEK AND BACK UP THIS QUALITY. Who misses the 2 sided ineer spring mattress that lasted 10-15 years and was still firm??? I do.

I am amazed that companies are ok with this quality, and we wonder why consumers are ok buying foreign products. My friend has a $400.00 IKEA mattress and it 2 years later is just as solid as the day she bought it.

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Delray Beach, Florida, United States #818185

My Alexander sinks in so deep when I am on it that I hurt. The inspector said it is not defective because it is not the 1 1/2 that determines defective.

The trick in the warranty is that when you get off the bed, the memmory foam puffs back up hiding the defect, Simmons said this is normal.....not for me. Someone suggested I stay in the bed until the inspector shows up.

I will have to try that. I told them I am a very unhappy customer and may contact a newspaper person to step in, like Howare Help Me.


We have the same experience. I bought a Simmons Beautyrest mattress for over $700 for my teenage son.

He had complained backache in the mornings not long after using the new mattress. I switched my bed with his and then I started having backache. I have tried it for 5 months and I have been suffering backache since then. I think the mattress' quality is really poor.

It does not provide enough back support. I called CityMatress where I bought the mattress. They sent a inspector over. The inspector measured and said it did sink but it was within the allowed length.

There is nothing they can do. I don't know what to do with this mattress, now I have to sleep on the carpet to avoid backache!

I am only 125LB. I strongly suggest not to buy Simmons Beautyrest mattress.

Loganville, Georgia, United States #805562

I could not agree more. We had the same mattress and had the same experience with this bed.

The company we purchased it from is being helpful but our mattress sunk the same way and because it was less than 2" it was not considered "defected." I have a mattress that is 17 years old and it does not sink at all. I am only 5.2 and 135 lbs, this should not be the case.

The bed is comfortable but a problem.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #746963

We bought a plush top which for that store was called the Brunswick, now it's a Mitzi only a few months later. We ought ours in January 2013 and it bubbled in the middle within a few months.


I wish I could just get a *** refund. :p

Dallas, Texas, United States #689500

I've had similar problems with Simmons. We bought a Corita extra-firm mattress in December, delivered in January, but March the mattress had sagged significantly and it appeared that some kind of padding had come loose and was bunching up under the cover.

It took several months before an inspector could come out (he only works every other Saturday). He immediately saw the problem and said they would probably replaced the mattress. I said I'd had problems with mattress companies before and based on his professional experience who did he recommend. He said that his company primarily worked for Simmons and that they sometimes had to replace mattresses 3-4x before the customer was happy (he thought that showed they were good, in my mind that proves they make bad mattresses!).

When my new mattress arrived, it was a plush instead of an extra firm. When I called Simmons to complain I was told that it was their mistake and they'd be sending another (but we could keep this one). After one week on this mattress, we had backaches, and knee problems from trying to climb out of the hole that was already developing.

Just got the second replacement mattress, which is a firm, not the extra firm I had been promised...we'll see how this goes, but my bottom line is that I'll never buy a Simmons mattress again.


Simmons has no intention of honoring its limited warranty. The warranty has more holes than Swiss cheese.

The fine print states ' The warranty does not apply to the Firmness preference of the product.' In other words, I paid a small fortune for a specific posturpedic firmness that they will not warranty when it deteriorates in a short time. Simmons is a disreputeable company and product line BTW, if you have ANY stain or discoloration at all on your mattress, they will void your warranty in spite of a known manufacturing defect.

to Disguised #704692

In view of my advanced years perhaps I should keep my 40 years plus mattress if this is the service. My biggest hang up is that my extensive sheet wardrobe (7 inches now)would not fit a new mattress that is sold as 9.5 inches.

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