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We purchased a Simmons Beautyrest mattress about 3 years ago. We noticed within a couple of months that we were getting a ridge, or a hump in the middle of the bed, and sagging where we each sleep. Because we liked the fact that the mattress doesn't move when one of us turns over, we were willing to tolerate this.....to a point.

However, it has reached a point where it is intolerable. There are deep impressions on each side. Waking up daily to back pain, we decided to call Art Van where we bought the mattress. They sent out a technician who measured what he called "body impressions". We were told that at 3/4 of an inch deep, our body impressions are normal by Simmons. They are not considered a defect until they are an inch and a half deep. An inch deep sag may not sound like much, but trust me, it feels like sleeping in a hole! If you sleep on your side, your spine is curved in a most uncomfortable way. The sags are visible even when the bed is completely made up.

Now we have a $2,000 mattress that causes back pain in under 3 years.

We are disgusted with the poor quality and lack of longevity in this mattress and in Simmons' poor warranty and service.

Thanks very much for your support.

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Iowa, Louisiana, United States #21142

go to dldewey.com, look to fill out his consumer complaint form against many mattress companies, once he has enough, they are going to try and get a class action lawsuit against simmons.

good luck, I am already on that list

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