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I bought my mattress at Mattress Galeria after a year the mattess was exchanged and again in less than a year the new Simmons mattress sagged. Mattress Galleria went bankrupt.

Now I have to go after Simmons. They too sent me a letter saying that sagging is expected for body countour! The purpose to buy a firm mattress and we paid $5494.00. and it is not performing to what it was intended!

My showlders get num and my husband has headaches. Somebody please advise. $5,494.00 is not $700! We bought it because we are getting old, and life is shorter every single day that passes by.

It's not fair to live in pain. I requested refund or exchange and they are just ignoring me and time is passing by.

Review about: Simmons Bedding Company Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I bought a simmons queen size mattress a few years ago and recently noticed that it's saggin in th emiddle. since the store that i bought it changed hands...

i was referred to simmons who in turn referred me to a mattress inspection... so the guy comes over to my home and strips the mattress.. then he measures the degree of the sag and leaves.... i get a letter from simmons a week or so after which states that the mattress is wearing within normal standards...

in order to qualify for a replacement mattress with your ten year warranty the mattress needs to be 1 and 1/2" inches of sag.... what bs is this..


:cry :( :?

Simmons has to be MADE to stop selling KRAP.

Their "Black" Luxury collection lasts a few months then sags and NEVER bounces back.. BACK PAIN every day and waking up off and on all night 5 stars in the show room.... ZERO stars after a couple of months. There are THOUSANDS of complaints on the internet about Simmons.... and nothing gets done about them. They do not honor the "warranty" may as well be 10 seconds long... because once you take posession you are stuck with a LEMON.... why don't "Lemon Laws" cover mattresses as well as cars... some of them cost as much as a car-- Like our Simmons Beautyrest" Black Helena model... a super delux ..?! NOT :sigh

Iowa, Louisiana, United States #21139

wow, same problem with us, Our mattress was 2500.00 and same thing. go to, look for the page to sign up with what happened, he is trying to get enough people together to start a class action law suit.

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