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I made the mistake of going to one of there outlets, and first of all the sales person told me that it was new product that was considred overruns come to find out what they really sale is warranty returns and factory defects, bootom line junk! There are two locations in south carolina one is in Belton sc and the other is Seneca sc They go by several names 1.Simmons, 2.

world of sleep 3.

mattress warehouse and there proably are others. The staff is really a bunch of### please don't waste your money you work to hard

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Greenville, South Carolina, United States #1243233

Please tell us what is wrong with the mattress you purchased. I bought a mattress there 8 years ago and just bought another mattress from them. I've been satisfied with both.


this lady is talking bs ,i bought mine and is amazing! she is probably the competition jaja

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